we source & supply

The Rotterdam Traders is a international trading company in softdrinks, beers, liquors, wines, champagne, gold and diamonds. Our business is to serve our clients needs and achieve this by providing the best service at all levels of the company. We act as a trustworthy partner, taking over our clients needs and work actively with them to achieve their ambitions. But no matter which service we’re providing, our goal remains the same as it did in 2007. We provide clients with reliable, longe term solution, to grow their business, and our own. Our mission is to serve the global sourcing and distribution needs of our clients. Our vision is to be internationally recognized and respected a major trading house that operates to the highest standard of integrity, with an unrivalled reputation for excellence in in the field of global product sourcing and distribution. 

In a nutshell; we’re world travellers, we’re sourcing your request within our verified supplier to supply our clients with integrity and loyalty. Our customer base consist mostly of traders, wholesalers and distributors.